Copy That Would Make Dale Carnegie Proud

If you’ve read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, you probably remember how it focuses on making people feel important. We all crave a feeling of significance. We are influenced by those who give us this feeling.

Do you want to become more persuasive and influential? Then practice sincerely making people feel important and significant.

As you read How to Win Friends and Influence People, you may think only in terms of influence through the spoken word. But here’s an idea: why not apply these powerful principles to your copywriting? Let’s talk about it…

People make buying decisions based on their emotions. Use this to your advantage when you write your copy. As you do, follow Carnegie’s advice to give people a feeling of importance and significance.

Here’s what I recommend: combine this powerful idea with the proven power of storytelling. Let’s say, for example, that you sell a nutrition and home workout program that will radically transform the physique of anyone who follows it faithfully.

Your diligent market research has shown that your target audience is embarrassed by the appearance of their bodies.

In your marketing copy you tell a hero’s journey-style story in which your reader can place himself mentally. You paint a vivid, emotion-drenched “word picture” in which he sees himself with a radically different physique. You tell him of the improved confidence he will enjoy, the respect and admiration he will win, and on and on…

In other words, you show him how buying and following your program will help him experience the feeling of significance we all desire.

Do you see how following this idea could help you enjoy far greater sales numbers than merely saying “you will lose weight”?

My advice is to take these ideas and work them into your sales copy and marketing content. As well as all of your communications. Make the people you communicate with feel significant and important. When you do, you will see your level of influence and persuasion, and your enjoyment of life, skyrocket!

Here’s to your success,

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I am looking to live an epic life and want to help other men do the same!

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