“But My Customers are Different”

Hey, let’s face it: in the world of marketing and sales, there are a lot of misconceptions, a lot of erroneous “conventional wisdom” and a lot of beliefs I’m convinced are flat out wrong. Here’s one, a BIG one, you might have fallen for… “…but my customers are different”. You might think along these lines.Continue reading ““But My Customers are Different””

Copy That Would Make Dale Carnegie Proud

If you’ve read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, you probably remember how it focuses on making people feel important. We all crave a feeling of significance. We are influenced by those who give us this feeling. Do you want to become more persuasive and influential? Then practice sincerely making peopleContinue reading “Copy That Would Make Dale Carnegie Proud”

It’s Not About You

 (Note to marketers and copywriters – even though this article talks primarily about sales, there’s plenty of valuable information here for you too. I’m confident you’ll find it useful! John) “No one cares about your product except you” David Meerman Scott – Author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR Several years ago, I was inContinue reading “It’s Not About You”