Copywriting With Muscle

Want more leads, more sales and longer, more profitable client relationships for your fitness business? I can help you


My name is John Rugh, and I am a man on a mission.

This mission involves you. So keep reading to find out more…

As a conversion copywriter, I am passionate about helping the businesses I serve prosper like never before.

I have another pursuit I’m really fired up about about—being physically fit. Having a strong, healthy body greatly enhances my quality and enjoyment of life.

My fitness is not just a physical thing. It gives me a feeling of confidence that flows into other areas of my life, as well.

So what’s this mission I referred to earlier? It’s this…

I have “welded” these twin passions to each other. I want other people from all walks of life to enjoy the benefits of becoming healthier and more fit.

And I want to use my talents, skills and expertise—research, data analysis, copywriting, marketing strategy, empathy and buyer psychology, to help businesses in the fitness industry experience…

More leads

More sales

Longer and more profitable client and customer relationships

So let me ask you…

Are you trying to grow your fitness business and enjoy a greater marketing and sales ROI? But you’re frustrated, because you’re not getting the amount of leads and sales you want and need?

I can help you…

How? I offer you stellar, high-converting copy that moves the needle and puts more cash in your pocket.

I can make your products, your services, your company and you look really appealing and irresistible to your ideal buyer.

I can make you stand out in your crowded market. I am driven to compel your potential customers to say this about your products and services…

“I have to have it. NOW!”

But hey, I get it. Maybe you’re skeptical. After all, there are lots of writers out there. A lot of people who can write pretty words to populate your website.

But mere “words” are not what you need. You don’t lay awake at night tossing and turning with your stomach churning wishing you had more words!

What you need is persuasive, high-converting copywriting backed up by research and a deep understanding of your ideal buyer’s wants, needs, pains, and problems.

This is what I do. Using my proprietary “Deep Dive” copywriting and consulting process, I “play detective”. I do extensive research on your buyer.

When all is said and done, in essence, I’ll know them better than they know themselves. I will get “inside their minds” and truly understand what makes them tick.

Keep in mind that I can relate to them. In a lot of ways, I am one of them. I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles and “internal roadblocks” along the way in my fitness journey.

I will also do deep research into your product or service and what it does for your buyers. The problems it solves. The pain it destroys. The benefits it delivers.

Then, and only then, do I write your copy.

And once it’s done and “live”? We test it. We refine it. We optimize it. We work together to help you experience better and better results with the measurements that matter most to you.

Over the years, my work has won praise from marketing and business professionals who are glad they chose to work with me.

Here are a few testimonials:

“John is great to work with. He’s very prompt and thoughtful in terms of his copywriting. It’s rare to find a copywriter who truly gets the user experience side and is as curious about conversion optimization as I am.” Bobby Hewitt, Founder of Creative Thirst Agency

John is a master of the use of language. He produces a product that anyone can use with confidence and pride. John’s work and character reveal an integrity that stand out.” Bruce Turkel, Noted Branding Expert, Best-selling Author, NSA Hall of Fame Speaker

It is such a joy to work with a copywriter/editor who not only absorbs and captures the essence of our B2C client but also challenges our ideas of what impactful copy should incorporate. Additionally, John is never far away- always communicating with our team and staying on top of constant changes, which I highly appreciate. His leadership and guidance has been priceless and I look forward to working with him on future client needs.” Elizabeth Cook, Account Manager, A3 Creative

“John Rugh is a fabulous copywriter. I have many websites and internet endeavors andI have had John work on several problem areas. Each time I’ve asked John for help he has showed up with everything he’s got, did a great job, and did it in a very timely fashion. It is my pleasure to recommend him.” Mitch Stephen, Prominent Real Estate Investor, Internet Marketer, Published Author

“Your subject line increased my open rate by 1% and doubled my click through rate. Great Job! Even my CEO paid it a compliment.” Susan Andrus, Marketing Manager, McElroy Translation / Chair AMA SIG, Austin, TX

“John’s content is delicious; I absolutely love it! I host roundtables for the Austin AMA. When John’s talents are utilized in reconstructing my bullet-point event descriptions into a tale of career enhancing experiences and wonderments for email distributions, we experience significant increases in response rates.” Susan Andrus, Marketing Manager, McElroy Translation / Chair AMA SIG, Austin, TX

“Succinctly put, John is a great copywriter and an agile business resource for any business.” Bret Smith, Founder and CEO, HIPB2B

I’ve helped a lot of business and marketing professionals in their quest to win more leads and more sales.

And I’m confident I can do the same for you. What do you say we schedule a 15-minute call and explore the possibilities?

Here’s to your success!


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