An Important Message for Email Marketers

If you’re a B2C direct response marketer, information publisher or e-commerce specialist who invests in email marketing to make more sales, and run circles around your competition, then we should chat…

As an email copywriting specialist, I craft high-converting email copy that plays an integral part in my clients’ digital marketing success…

I’m 100% confident I can do the same for you. That’s a tall claim, but I’ll back it up.

I’m confident I can harness my skills, talents and expertise—email copywriting, research, marketing strategy, empathy, buyer psychology, to help you win more sales and enjoy profitable, long-term customer relationships.

My goal is to deliver stellar, high-converting email copy that moves the needle and helps you put more cash in your pocket.

I can position your products, services, and company as THE top 5-star, best-in-class choice in your industry and make you irresistible to your ideal customer or client.

I can make you stand out from your competition in your overcrowded market.

I’m driven to compel your potential customers to say this about your products and services…

“I have to have it. NOW!”

But hey, I get it. Maybe you’re skeptical. There are lots of writers who can give you pretty words.

But mere “words” are not what you need. You need more sales!

You want persuasive, high-converting email copywriting backed up by research and a deep understanding of your ideal buyer’s wants, needs problems.

This is what I do. Using my proprietary “Deep Dive” copywriting and consulting process, I “play detective”. I do extensive research on your buyer.

I get “inside their minds”, and truly understand what makes them click, shop, browse and buy.

When all is said and done I’ll know them better than they know themselves.

I’ll also do deep research into your product or service and what it does for your buyers. The problems it solves. The pain it destroys. The benefits it delivers.

Then, and only then, do I write your email copy.

I have written compelling, persuasive email copy for

Event promoters
B2B Marketers
Non-profit organizations
E-learning companies and digital course creators
Information marketing and publishing companies
Software companies (Including 5 in the Fortune 100)

Could you be my next email copywriting success story?
Reach out and let’s talk about it.

Here’s to your sales success!
John A. Rugh

PS: If this message piques your interest, I invite you to check out my portfolio:

PPS: Plenty of your peers, marketing pros just like you, can vouch that I do solid work.

Consider these testimonials they’ve given about my email copywriting…

“I had the pleasure recently of working with John Rugh on an e-commerce product launch. As an experienced direct response copywriter who has worked for major league clients, including Agora, Stansberry Research, and Nightengale-Conant, I know a thing or two about copywriting. And copywriters.

John produces solid copy. As important, he’s reliable, humble, and coachable. Thanks for you hard work, John. I look forward to working with you again.”
Sean McCool, Copy Chief | Award-winning DR Copywriter

“Succinctly put, John is a great copywriter and an agile business resource for any business.” Bret Smith, Founder and CEO, HIPB2B

“Your subject line increased my open rate and doubled my click through rate. Great Job! Even my CEO paid it a compliment.” Susan Andrus, Marketing Manager, McElroy Translation / Chair AMA SIG, Austin, TX

“As the primary team member who develops email copy for the Executive Book Review, John has been successful in advertising and marketing events. His email copy sets the stage for guests, and his words give them compelling reasons not to miss. I recommend event planners and event organizers needing help promoting events through digital marketing to definitely call on John for assistance” Catherine R. Lester, Author/Speaker/Ghostwriter

“John is great to work with. He’s very prompt and thoughtful in terms of his copywriting. It’s rare to find a copywriter who truly gets the user experience side and is as curious about conversion optimization as I am.” Bobby Hewitt, Founder of Creative Thirst Agency

“Thank goodness for John! As the email copywriter and specialist for the Austin Chapter of the American Marketing Association, John has increased our open rates, readership and ultimately our event attendance. His writing is crisp, informative, interesting and fun and the organization is truly fortunate that he elected to volunteer for it.” Melanie Brenneman, Austin AMA Communications Team Chairperson

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