How I Work


Let’s face it…

There are a lot of copywriters out there. Many are pretty good. Some are great. Since you’re here, you’re no doubt wondering about me and how I compare. You’re curious about what I can do for you, right? So… 

What can I do for you? What makes me different? Let’s talk about it.

I’m driven to be a world-class copywriter. I love this stuff! I eat it up. Not only am I a student of the world’s great copywriting masters, I also study the art and science of persuasion and influence. I study marketing, sales and buyer psychology. I eat conversion optimization for breakfast.

My goal with all this study? To help my clients sell more of their products and services.

A lot of writers can give you witty, clever, thought-provoking words. But that alone will do you little or no good. “Words” are not what you need. You don’t lay awake at night with your stomach churning desperately wishing your business’ website had more words!

You have a problem. You want a solution. You have goals. You want to reach them. You need any copywriter you invest in to help you in your quest. Not just give you pretty-sounding “words”.

Rather than being a “copywriter for hire” who “writes to assignment”, I am a “marketing strategist who writes copy”. Let me explain…

If we both decide we’re a fit, I will take a comprehensive, “deep dive” look at your marketing and sales approach. I’ll review your current copy and content. We’ll talk about what’s working. And what needs improvement.

You’ll receive a report with my recommendations, including ideas on the copy and content I suggest you produce.

When we agree on our next steps, I won’t just start writing copy and content in a willy-nilly fashion. I’ll do another deep dive. I’ll research your ideal buyer-what their problems are. What keeps them awake at night. What they hate. What they love. 

I’ll take a detailed look at what you can do for them. And how you do it. And why they should care.

In essence, I’ll know them better than they know themselves. Then, and only then, will I start writing copy. And you will have a “roadmap” of what to expect every step of the way on our journey together. 

You see, not only do I strive to be a world-class conversion copywriter, I work hard to make your life easier. To provide you with stellar service. To put a smile on your face.

This level of work and service requires a lot of detail. A lot of effort. Why do I go to so much trouble? (Actually, it’s not “trouble”. I enjoy this process!) Because your marketing messages need to be specifically tailored to your reader. Your copy needs to be “about them”, not focused on you. And definitely not “generic” or “off the shelf”. 

How can any writer produce high-converting copy for you if they don’t know your reader? If they don’t understand, in great detail, what you can do for them. How your solution benefits them?

So, if you are tired of marketing copy and content that don’t get you the sales results you want, that don’t do the “heavy lifting” you need them to do to help you convert more readers into buyers, that leave your readers uninspired and saying, “Meh. So what?”, perhaps we should talk.

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