Testimonials From My Happy Clients

"John is an incredibly skilled and  dedicated copywriter. John can turn some of the most mundane content  into an engaging and interesting work of art. He consistently produces  content above and beyond our expectations and always in a timely manner.  His expertise and dedication have proven to be a valuable asset to our  team and I would highly recommend him!"                           

Jory Hutchins, Senior Director, Creative & Technology at HiP B2B 

"John is great to work with. He's very prompt and thoughtful in terms of his copywriting. It's rare to find a copywriter who truly gets the user experience side and is as curious about conversion optimization as I am."
Bobby Hewitt, CRO Specialist, Creative Thirst

"John is one of those rare writers who  intuitively understands B2B content strategy and how to express the  desired message with minimal briefing and direction. His deep experience  with digital media and passion for his craft consistently shine through  in his work. He follows through to the end of a project and always goes  the extra mile to deliver quality copy, even under tight time  constraints. Highly recommend!"                           

Nicole Thomas, Editorial and Content Director, Elevation Marketing 

"I collaborated with John for website  content for a B2B client. John delivered phenomenal copy, that far  exceeded what I had envisioned for the project. With little guidance,  John was able to take the background information on the client and turn  it into wonderful, compelling copy. All in the same week. I'm certainly  going to be looking to work with John on future projects!"                          

 Wes Mills, Business Intelligence Specialist, Rackspace 

"In a world filled with B and C players,  it's not often you connect with an A player that takes not only pride in  the work he produces, but ownership as well. John works as if he was  part of your organization to produce high quality written content in a  timely fashion, delivering outstanding customer service. I have given  him numerous projects for varying clients, with equally different  deliverables. John came through with great work product every time."                              

Nick Cavalancia, Techvangelism 

"I have worked with John for several years on multiple projects. His work on my biography and Wikipedia article are genius. John is a master of the use of language. He produces a product that anyone can use with confidence and pride. John's work and character reveal an integrity that stand out."
Bruce Turkel, Corporate Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker

These are just a few of my many client testimonials. You can view more on my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnrugh